Monday, October 15, 2012

Who is K.O.W aka KOWKOW?

His Facebook fan page has 111k fans and counting. Whenever he makes a new YouTube video, it gets thousands of views within hours, but KOWKOW is more than your average Haitian artist.

He's been credited by many to make Haitian Creole Poetry, the new sex symbol. KOWKOW, born Davidson Frederick is just 22 years old and ready for the world.

He's a poet/rapper. but the most important thing he wants to be remembered for, is his passion and devotion for beautiful words or should I say his original poems?

I mostly write about love, it inspires me said KOWKOW, when asked about where his inspiration comes from. KOW's proudest moments is when he sees the reactions from his committed fans. 

One thing that KOW does not lack... is fans. The KOWKOW GIRLS are absolutely in love with him.

Me: Who are the KOWKOW GIRLS?

KOW: The KOWKOW GIRLS are my favorite fans, a group of girls that are always there to do whatever it takes to support me, like seriously, they're always there.

They listen to whatever I say, they are my closest fans... Like they're always there for me, I'm always there for them.

Me: What do they mean to you?

KOW: They mean the world to me. "Yo pran wont pou mwen" (meaning that the girls take shame/embarrassment for him). Menaj yo konn kite yo pou mwen, yo ba yo non ak mwen (their boyfriends break up with them over me thinking that they are romantically involved with me)... and they accept everything for me.

If I have all these fans, it's because of them. They do all the work by referring their friends to me... to like my pages (KOW has at least 3 Facebook fan pages). I write for them... rap for them to make them proud... they mean so very much to me (he smiles).

Labelle Kizzi - KOWKOW GIRL from Kentucky

Me: Have you ever been inspired to write about something a fan has said or done?

KOW: "POUKI W ALE" (why did you leave) my upcoming single, is a true story from one of them. Many of my poems are inspired by my KOWKOW GIRLS.

Me: With so many female fans, what's your relationship status?

KOW: Single

Me: Is there any woman out there you're thinking about giving your heart to or are you just enjoying the single lifestyle?

KOW: My heart is already taken and we're about to commit soon.

Me: Who is she?

KOW: She's very humble, sweet romantic and respectful. My babe is so lovable, caring... we have the same favorite number which is 7. We both love poetry... (he smiles) I love her.


What next for KOWKOW? Well, he's working on many projects. He states that he's getting some nutrients for his fans then he'll be working on his first album. It's going to be epic and I would not expect anything less from the KING OF WORDS.

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